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Outsourcing to virtual assistants offshore can be a nerve-wracking decision

If only there was an Australian offshoring company that specialised in finding you the right virtual assistant for your business… oh, wait!

Whether you’ve got a one-off [admin, marketing, social media, accounting, graphic design, data entry – to name a few] project that needs expert attention or you’re looking for a special [virtual] someone to hold your business-hand for the long haul, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

We don’t know about you, but more time up your sleeve (plus the money you saved by outsourcing offshore) sounds pretty damn good to us.

Still got questions? We’ve got answers – check them out below.

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(Relatively) frequently asked questions about working with an offshore virtual assistant

If you’re struggling to do all the things (like servicing your clients while keeping up with social media, getting your accounts in order and cleaning out the enquiries in your inbox), the time is now.

If you’re ready to scale your business but need a second set of super-qualified hands to help with customer service, website development or content creation, the time is now.

Our virtual assistants are here to take the time-sucking tasks you hate off your plate, so you can concentrate on the things you love… like growing your business (or raising the bar when it comes to servicing your clients).

Glad you asked – and technically, the answer is anything that can be done on a computer.

Our virtual assistants are experienced in admin tasks, content creation, marketing, social media, graphic design, basic accounts, data entry, customer service & platform engagement.

We sync you with your perfect match depending on your industry and your needs.

Our super-talented virtual assistants are located throughout the Philippines. 

Unlike other offshoring companies, our VAs get the benefit of working from home (rather than a dull, cramped office they have to travel to).  

Each VA submits an intro video and cover letter (so we know they’ve got excellent spoken and written English).

The Philippines are 2 hours behind Australia’s eastern states, and 3 hours during daylight savings which actually works in your favour.

While you’re busy getting that *much needed* shut-eye, your virtual assistant has started working on your business and getting things done.  When you’re up (good morning sleepy head!), they’ve got the perfect opportunity to check in or ask any questions they might have.

Lucky for some right? The Philippines have a ton more public holidays than us, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Our VAs generally follow Australian public holidays.  They may request a public holiday off (or two) for cultural reasons, approved at your discretion.

Simply put – if your virtual assistant isn’t working, they don’t get paid that day.

EXTRA PERK: AgentSync. pays your virtual assistant double time when they work on a Filipino public holiday – but don’t worry, we foot the bill (and don’t pass the costs onto you).

The cost of working with a virtual assistant totally depends on what you need and how long it’ll take.  

We have ongoing packages available from $1,650 a month, or if you have a one-off project you need ticked off your to-do list, there’s hourly and project based prices available.

Your new offshore team member is hand-picked specifically for your business and your ongoing needs, so they can usually hit the ground running with the skills they already have.

If you have specific needs that your new VA isn’t experienced in, repeat after me – we don’t throw our virtual assistant into the deep end. 

We can help you set up systems, processes and instructions to help you get the most out of your VA and set them up for success (rather than drowning).

Hey, I'm Jess

CEO of AgentSync. and a massive supporter of businesses like yours outsourcing those annoying, time-wasting tasks, so you can spend more time doing the things you get a kick out of, like leaving the office early… or actually growing your business (and your bank balance). 

Did I mention the AgentSync. team and I are here to make sure your virtual assistant experience is nothing short of the best (eeeven if you’re feeling a little gun-shy from a previous *bad experience*)? It’s kind of our thing