Why Focusing on Buyers May Be Your Secret Weapon (Supercharged by a Virtual Assistant, of course!)

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In the whirlwind of the current market, with more rate changes than you can shake a stick at, the idea of building relationships with buyers might seem counterintuitive. After all, the primary challenge right now is finding more properties to list, isn’t it?

Hold onto your hats! Here are four reasons why providing amazing service experiences to buyers can actually supercharge your listing strategy, especially with the dynamic duo of you and your Virtual Assistant.

Reason 1: Buyers are the Unsung Heroes of Real Estate

Buyers often find themselves navigating the residential real estate jungle alone. They’re left to discover suitable properties, decide on offers, sort out finances, and negotiate with you – a seasoned agent who does this every single day. Considering most buyers enter the market maybe once every 7-10 years, the pressure is real. While agents are paid to prioritise sellers, buyers are hungry for guidance. They make up half of the deal on the most expensive thing we ever buy, so raising the bar on how we manage them is crucial.How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can efficiently handle routine tasks, freeing up your time to provide that personalised guidance buyers crave.

Reason 2: Buyers Are Sellers in Disguise

With a scarcity of properties in the market, potential sellers hesitate to list, fearing they won’t find a better property. No one wants to go through the hassle of selling only to end up homeless or paying a fortune for something worse. Enter the era of “buyer sellers” – those finding and securing their dream property first before listing their current home. A solid buyer relationship strategy can identify leads directly from these savvy individuals.How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can streamline communication and follow-ups, ensuring you stay connected with potential “buyer sellers” and identify leads seamlessly.

Reason 3: Buyers Are Tomorrow’s Sellers

Research shows that 61% of sellers prefer to use an agent they’ve worked with before. But beware, 36.4% had a poor experience with their last agent. Staying in touch with past buyers throughout their homeownership journey is key. When they decide to sell, you want to be the trusted agent they turn to, thanks to your long-standing relationship.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can manage a strategic communication plan, ensuring you stay in touch with past buyers, providing valuable updates and maintaining that crucial relationship.

Reason 4: Buyers Are Your Business Referrers

Every buyer has friends and family, who are also potential real estate players. A great buying experience leads to word-of-mouth recommendations, sending warm leads your way. Conversely, a terrible buying experience results in cautionary tales about agents to avoid.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can assist in organising and executing referral programs, leveraging satisfied buyers to bring in more warm leads.

Building Relationships with Buyers:

Tip 1: Scale How You Help

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can integrate technology to efficiently scale assistance & automation, ensuring personalised care for every buyer without running you ragged.

Tip 2: Share Market Performance

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can utilise tools like Market Insights to gather and present relevant data, making your insights-sharing process quick, easy, and impactful.

Tip 3: Share Advice for Better Results

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can curate and share high-value content from different Real Estate platforms & feeds, providing valuable advice to anxious buyers and showcasing your expertise.

Tip 4: Share Information with Past Clients

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help: Your Virtual Assistant can manage re-engagement campaigns, sharing links to Market Insights with past clients and maintaining those vital long-term relationships.

Ready to ride the real estate industry rollercoaster with a focus on buyers and your trusty Virtual Assistant? ????????

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