Why a Sparkling Clean Database will be your best friend in 2024

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Alright, imagine your database is going to produce every single one of your leads in 2024… would you show it some attention?? I think you should… and guess what? There’s AgentSync virtual assistant armed with tools like ‘ID4me’ to make your database cleaning a piece of cake. 

Easy-Peasy Guide to Sprucing Up Your Real Estate Database

Know Your Database:

Count those contacts.

Spot how many have the full package: name, email, mobile, and street address.

Find out who’s missing what. Some might only have a name and a mobile, others just a name and an email. No biggie, we’re just playing detective here.

Top tip: Your CRM should allow you to search for the data you have and the data you don’t have. ie run a report for all contacts that don’t have an email.

Cherish Those Emails:

Emails are gold. They’re not just for email marketing; they’re the VIP pass to social media platforms. Collect them like they’re going out of style and pop them into your CRM.

Tackle the Data Jungle with Tech Magic:

Time to deal with the messy bits, especially those contacts with only a name and a mobile. Here’s where your virtual assistant, armed with tools like ‘ID4me,’ steps in.

Let the wizardry begin! Use technology to streamline the process. ‘ID4me’ can help fill in the blanks, making your data clean-up a breeze.

Dial with purpose. Offer a juicy Market Report or some other cool info in exchange for their email. Some might say “No thanks,” and that’s cool. It’s all part of the cleaning game. Quality over quantity, my friend.

Keep it chill—aim for 10 calls a day, and you’ll see that data sparkle in no time.

Once you kickstart this cleaning party with your tech-savvy VA, you’ll be the master of segmenting your audience and turning up the volume on your email marketing. And the best part? As those killer email campaigns start rolling in, everyone in the office will be high-fiving the value of having a spick-and-span database. Happy cleaning ????✨

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