AgentSync Expands its Innovative Real Estate Virtual Assistant Solutions to New Zealand

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In response to the growing demand for cost-effective and efficient office support solutions in the real estate industry, AgentSync, under the leadership of Founder Jess Whatman, is proud to announce its expansion into New Zealand.

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector, Ms Whatman has been at the forefront of modernising traditional office procedures through the strategic use of offshore virtual assistants.

“Real estate agents face a myriad of challenges daily”she says, and we understand the need for a streamlined and cost-effective solution.”

With a focus on modernising backend office procedures, AgentSync utilises virtual assistants to handle administrative duties, marketing, preparing agency agreements, and managing databases, all at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.

“The expansion into New Zealand is a direct response to the escalating demand from agents and business owners in the region seeking to scale their operations efficiently and economically,” says Ms Whatman.

“The increasing requests we’ve received underscore a growing trend among real estate professionals in New Zealand who recognise the value of optimising their backend office procedures.

“Real estate agents lead hectic lives,” says Ms Whatman. “They have numerous tasks demanding their attention throughout the day, tasks that could be better handled by a virtual assistant in the background.”

Recognising the financial constraints that some real estate agents may face, Ms Whatman emphasizes the affordability and efficiency of offshore resources.

“In some places, the cost of an admin person with marketing skills can soar up to $100,000 a year. Yet, the same tasks can be efficiently handled offshore for a fraction of that cost—typically ranging from $20,000 to $25,000 annually.”

Having pioneered offshore real estate virtual assistants for the past eight years, Ms Whatman and her team have successfully implemented their innovative solutions, enabling real estate agencies to thrive and scale.

Drawing on her extensive experience in sales, operational, and management roles within real estate agencies, Ms Whatman believes in the power of collaboration between onshore and offshore teams.

“I have worked in various agencies and observed that many processes were outdated,” she states.

“Anything that can be done on a computer can be efficiently handled by a real estate virtual assistant. It’s about freeing up current staff from mundane office tasks, not replacing them.”

Emphasising the quality of talent available, Jess notes,

“The people I work with in the Philippines are highly educated, many have university degrees, their English is great, and they are in a similar time zone.”

AgentSync, launched just 18 months ago, has quickly grown to have over 60 virtual assistants in the Philippines servicing real estate agencies throughout Australia.

The recent expansion into New Zealand marks a significant milestone for AgentSync, providing New Zealander real estate professionals with a powerful solution to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and position their businesses for growth.

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